Frequently Asked Questions

Our founder, Esme, is experienced in building, growing and organization small businesses. She has helped business owners like you to set successful foundations and choose profitable business models. Because of her experience in small business, Esme has a more in-depth business viewpoint than other bookkeepers, and will use her professional knowledge to offer you the best route for starting and growing your business.

As member of the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Program, we exclusively use QuickBooks Online to handle all your business bookkeeping needs.

Don’t have a subscription? No worries – we can offer a discounted subscription rate!

Yes! We are currently serving clients all over the US. We provide all our services remotely using several secure cloud-based platforms. Although we are based in Arizona, we have clients all across North America. We can help you, no matter which state you live in.

We specialize in serving service-based small businesses. If you serve clients in person or remotely, we can help you.

Our current clients are professionals in: Barbershops, Real Estate Agents, Web Designers, Lawyers, Massage Therapists, General Contractors, Social Media Management Agencies, Speech Therapists, and Photographers.

Running a small business is no small feat, and when you add the stress of running payroll, categorizing expenses and preparing for tax time, the anxiety can be insurmountable. Simply put, dedicated bookkeeping services will keep your business finances in tip-top shape and reduce your stress. Quality bookkeeping can also help you improve your profits, and save you time so that you focus on what truly moves you: your services or products!

A bookkeeper’s primary job is to assist with business organization, budgets, provide financial profit and loss statements, process payroll, manage accounts receivable, manage accounts payable, categorize transactions, and prepare you for tax filing. You can consider your bookkeeper as a family doctor, who you see for routine checkups and well care. 

Alternatively, a CPA’s primarily focuses on tax advising, annual tax filing, and investments. Your CPA serves as your representative to the IRS. While these two professionals can tie closely to each other, they are separate entities. You can consider your CPA as a specialist surgeon, who you see for urgent and specific matters.

Once we’ve had our first free consultation call to decide on the best service plan for your small business, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

  • Articles Of Incorporation/Organization
  • IRS Employer Identification Number
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Check Stubs Or Check Copies
  • Loan/Lease Agreements
  • Asset Agreements with Dates + Costs
  • Financial Statements